The American Joint

“Love your food 🍲 and it will definitely love you back 💛”

Delicious food with easeful ambience💖. If the place is offering you healthy organic food with pleasant experience then no harm in visit this place at least once right??? So comprehensive review starts here, It is a well organised and cosy outlet situated at the unoccupied lane in Borivali. Interiors are decent and the menu is all about modern American food with the Indian touch and the good news is there will be no surprises, Food looks exactly as shown in pictures in menu so good work here 👍. Food presentation is mouth watering and a portion is fair enough. Service rate is moderate but match screening will help to pass your time till your yummy food arrives and also staff here is pretty good.

Let’s talk food now 😋,


❤️️Mountain O Nachos (9/10) [Corn tortillas smothered with queso cheese sauce, olives, spring onions, tomatoes, charro beans, and jalapenos] “Keep your buddies close and your nachos closer😉” is clearly true for this yummy, tummy filling nachos. Nachos being the most common food served in almost every restaurant/cafe it needs special effort to make it unique and American joint nailed it 😎. Here again, you have additional choice to top off with tikka masala or gravy paneer bhurji.


Tex-Mex Taters (8.5/10) [Fluffy potato chips served in nacho form, topped with creamy bean sauce, pico de gallo, sour creme, queso sauce, fresh salsa and jalapenos] People who don’t like nachos(Well I’m judging you🙄) can definitely go with this one. Again no regrets and just yumminess 😉.


Curly Fries (7/10) Fries in playful shape( But we love fries in any shape right🍟💛😉), coated with special seasoning with spicy dip aside. Lil oily though.

All and all Fine visit and people who don’t like to have vegetarian food and thinking it as a tasteless choice, I think you all should give this place a try 👍. Gonna explore their menu soon without a doubt. Let me know your American joint experience and suggest some dish for my next visit 😉.

Stay Hungry 😉 Stay Happy 😊

Location: The Ahcl Homes Tower, Chikuwadi New Link Road, Borivali West, Mumbai
First Floor, Capital Building, Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai

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