Madeira & Mime

“Eat Better, Feel Best 😋”

Super amazing and unforgettable experience I had in the recent times. This place is definitely going top on my lists of best food, best ambience and best service😊. Okay so it was my birthday and I decided to give a lunch treat here because of Zomato rating of this place(4.8/5) and it was on my wishlist since last 6-7 months. So we entered this beautiful place which has seatings available inside as well as outside. We settled down and then manager started giving us a brief intro about their restaurant and staff with a warm smile. The staff here take customer’s order and communicate with each other with hand expression which was quite amusing 😍. While cake cutting they all came forward and asked us if they could be a part of the celebration, my friends sang birthday songs and staff did the silent claps and these things simply made my day 💛. Talking about food, quite reasonable and food portion was really very good. All the dishes had the great taste and service was quick. Now let’s talk FOOD,


Jalapeno frites [with garlic aioli] (7/10) Typical jalapeno flavour was standing out and garlic dip was great to have with.


Classic nachos [salsa, cheese and refried beans] (7.5/10) okay so I had nachos in many places but I think by far this place had the largest portion of it. It actually fed our tummy and it was not just a side snack this time.


Classic cheese poutine [Complete with cheese curds, crispy fries & cheese sauce] (9/10) Cheesy and creamy 😍 also that fries were just like a cherry on a cake. Many of my non-vegetarian friends liked this one over their nonveg starter so without any doubt 9/10 it is 😄.


Homestyle bread rolls [Breaded balls of masala mashed potatos] (6.5/10) Taste wise good but it was Lil oily and after three amazing and tummy filling finger food, we decided to order this rather than any main course.



❤️️ Chocolate Eton mess (9/10) I love such dessert which surprises me. Hearing Eton mess you must have got that it is a rough mixture of whipped cream and fruit, but along with it if you get a white chocolate layer on thick brown chocolate layer than it has to be amazing. Again my friends liked chocolate Eton mess over chocolate brownie(consisting egg).

So yes foodies that is it for now. You all should definitely visit this place. Tasty Non-veg options are also available. Feel the warmth and cosiness of this place and let me know about your experiences too 😉

Stay Hungry, Stay Happy 😊

Location: G2, Trans Ocean House, Hiranandani Business Park, Lake Boulevard, Powai, Mumbai [Zomato Address link:,72.907151/@19.120135,72.8372846,12z/data=!3m1!4b1]



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