“When in stress and in doubt…Chocolate it outđŸ«”

This one was in my wishlist for a long time and finally on one fine sunday, we went here to calm our hunger. The full place is designed in a typical Mumbai style, be it an interiors, walls, music or menu. Small place but well organised. The menu was full of fusions with some super unique dish names and desi quotes. After 7-7.30pm there was a waiting for 20-30 mins to finally get a table. Service rate was moderate. Now let’s jump to the food experience.

Paneer roller coaster (8/10) [Cottage cheese mixed with crunchy onion, green chillies and coriander, wrapped in bread and deep fried] Okay guys you have to admit, it’s really become a point of attraction if your food is served in small cute roller coaster instead in a normal boring plate. It was crispy and definitely good in taste.

Pasta desi ishtyle (7/10) [Macronie tossed in makhanwala gravy] Again makhanwala pasta served in a small cycle was not a bad idea. If you are more towards spicy food then you better tell them to make it extra spicy else the only things you will get to enjoy is much more makhani taste with a pinch of spice.

Do dil mill rahe hai (7.5/10) [Tawa noodle with pav bhaji marke] Interesting food on your platter. Fusion of two very common and most liked food for any age mumbaikar, Pav bhaji & noodles. Noodle was so so in taste compared to bhaji but overall it was 👍

❀ Chocolate thali (9/10) The name says it all😍 Nobody will say no to chocolate ice cream, gulab jamun, shrikhand, daal, roll, dark chocolate laddoo and milk chocolate candy!!!! what more any chocolate lover could ask for….The perfect dessert I suppose.

Yeah, so this was my experience of the first visit to desi kulb, gonna visit here again really soon. Let me know your desiklub experience and if you haven’t been here then delay no more…some interesting fusions are waiting for you 😉

Stay Hungry, Stay Happy 😊

Location: Maker Chamber 5, Jamanala Bajaj Road, Nariman Point, Mumbai[ Zomato Address link,72.8221645200]


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