The Happy Place

“Stressed?? spell backward and it will be Desserts🍨”

Chocolate lovers this is our place😋. Situated on a single lane heading towards Pawan hans, so basically the coziest place on the busiest lane. Let me tell you guys one thing, if you are passing from this lane without actual intentions of visiting here then you can easily miss out this place so keep your eyes wide open😃. Small but well organized, interiors are cute and all that blackboard & chalk, Uno cards and a small book shelf will make you feel like a home. The menu is quite interesting, I havent explored it much yet but gonna do that pretty soon. Let’s talk about the food now,

❤️️ Oreo cream cheese pizza (8/10) Fusions are my weakness, if I see any interesting and unusual fusion then no other option…had to try it😝. If you guys like chocolate toast and pizzzas then you should definately try this one. I liked it very much, all though they said it pizza you will get it in a slicing manner only not the whole round pizza. Big time oreo lover so yes the taste was amazing for me.

Cold coffee (7/10).

Indeed happy place it is. Our boring afternoon turned well spent at this soothing place. Let me know your Happy place experience and if you haven’t been here yet then…what are you waiting for???

Location: Shop 2, Anant Building, Vile Parle Station Road, Vile Parle West, Mumbai[ Zomato address link:,72.8400333971]


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