Urban Street Cafe

“First we eat then we do everything else😋”

Cute Lil place, 3 mins walking from khar station. Veg joint organized place with good ambience. You will get to hear many Bollywood songs so for music I’ll like to rate 3 out of 5. Talking about the staff they are decent and provide quick service. I like the way they give water from the kettle instead of using some heavy big glass bottles.

Lets now talk about the food we had here,


Mexican fries🍟 (8/10).



Masala beans and cheese quesadilla (8/10) Great taste and tummy filling.


Penne Alfredo+Garlic bread (6/10) Good enough.


❤️ Brownie with Ice cream🍨 (8.5/10) This was our 2nd option as chocolate mousse was not available at that time. Having said that it was worth ordering because unlike many cafes, It’s strawberry ice cream with a brownie. I must say combination was good and even brownies were perfect.

Jain options are also available in many varieties. Will like to visit again.

Let me know about your experience if you people have been here.

Stay Hungry, Stay Happy 😊

Location: Bhavya Plaza, Shop 1, Near Kotak Mahindra Bank, Khar, Mumbai.

Zomato Address Link: https://www.google.co.in/maps/dir//19.0708264609,72.8382852674


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